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Indianapolis, IN

National Anti-Bullying Program
A leader in anti-bullying solutions


About Us
Angels & Doves is a leader in
Anti-Bullying solutions
Angels & Doves has a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status with the IRS and is incorporated in the state of Indiana. Our organization was recommended by Ellen DeGeneres in 2010 when the NO Bullying billboard was hung in memory of Billy Lucas in Greensburg, IN and made the national news.

Angels & Doves has created a 'full circle' of tools to support the mission of ending bullying; school presentations, staff presentations, The Bull Program, The Bully Book and The Anti-Bully Box. 

Board of Advisors:                         Angel Ambassadors:
Keith Jaskulski                                            Kimi Acosta
Ron White                                                   Heather Lear
Margie Acosta                                            
Board of Directors:
Christopher O'Banion - President Web Source International
David Seiter - Attorney at Law
Zachary McIllwain
Meet The Angels
  1. Kim Harvey
    Kim Harvey
    Co-Founder/Executive Director
  2. Kimi Acosta
    Kimi Acosta
    Angel Ambassador
    Meet Actress, Kimi Acosta. our national teen spokesperson. You can meet and speak to Kimi personally in our Blog! To book her for a Meet & Greet, contact
  3. Chris O'Banion
    Chris O'Banion
    Board of Directors