Angels & Doves, Inc. is a nationwide 501(c)(3)non-profit charity that travels across the country to  prevent bullying, bullying injuries and bullying suicides.

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School Tools

Angels & Doves has created tools to support our mission of anti-bullying and anti-violence in ages 4-24.  Bullying begins as early as daycare and continues through the college years.

Our products include The Bull Program, The Bully Book (published by Tate Publishing), NO Bully shirts & backpacks, NO Hazing college shirts and NO Bully billboards.  The products are intended for students, parents and staff members to make us walking billboards to say NO to bullying and violence.  Our products are trademarked.

Discounts will given with quantity.  Call 317.870.1100 for further assistance.

Gray NO Bully Shirt, available in Youth all sizes
NO Bully Zone available in Adult sizes S-XL
NO Hazing shirts available in Adult sizes S-XL
The Bully Book - ages 4-12
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White NO Bully Shirt, 7 available in Youth M
NO Bully Zone available in Adult sizes S-XL
NO Hazing shirts available in Adult sizes S-XL
NO Bully Billboard - can be placed any place in continental U.S.
Please call for pricing.